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Natasa  Koromvoki  

Hair color: brown Height: 174 cm
Eye color: hazel Weight: 55 kg

Greek    native speaker
English   Proficiency  very well

Senior School or Dramatics "Veaki " graduate of 2007
Seminar of Ancient Tragedy with Mr.John Margaritis
Seminar of Improvisation "Character Conflict " with Mrs Helen Skoti

Music Theory -Solfez at the Attica Odeon

Historical dances with Mrs Lisa Basova
Jazz- Modern with Mrs Sindy Trent
Commedia del'arte with Mrs Athina Kefala

2021. .."Thus Spoke Zarathustra" , theatrical adaptation and performance by M.Xenoudaki (as assistant director )
2020 . .. Place of birth - Lets start the dance Art Project-Live Performance- Street Theatrical Directed by Ch. Pierropoulou as Nemesis
2020 . .. The name of the rose by Umberto Eco directed by Michael Siebel as the woman
2019 . .. Selfacussation by Peter Handke a theatrical play directed by Maria Xenoudaki and performances by M.Xenoudaki and Natassa Koromvoki at Antitheater Marias Xenoudaki
2018 . .. Listen little man (performance) directed by Xenoudaki Maria at Antitheater
2017. .."The Misanthrope " by Moliere -directed by Xenoudaki Maria -as 'Selimen' -played at 'Antitheater Maria Xenoudaki'
2016. .."The Record " 600HIGHWAYMEN - directed and created by Abigail Browde& Michael Silverstone- live performance - festival 'Made in USA ' at Onassis Cultural Foundation
2016. .."The silent hill experience 3" performance directed by Hondrogiannis Spyros-Drossou Nicole (Maria) at Death Disco
2014. .."The dance of love " directed by Prekas Kostas (Rena) at Skala Theater
2013. .."Fred Lupo" directed by Moschovakou Pepi ( Fred Lupo) Epi Kolwno Theater
2013. .."The silent hill experience " directed by Zorba Evangelia (Nurse, Claudia Wolf) at Skull Bar
2012. ..Experimental synthesis in texts in progress directed by Moschovakou Pepi ( Yuly, Meni) at Epi Kolwno Theater
2011. .."Disco Oedipus : Pornography for the blind "directed by Papadopoulos Alexandros (girl) at Altera Pars Theater
2011. .."Acts of suicide"directed by Pierropoulou Chrysanthi (director) Epi Kolwno Theater
2010. ..Interactive visual performance "Morpheus " directed by Pantazidis Dimitris (Pafsithea) at Technopolis
2009. .."Eumenides " directed by Panteleakis George (Chorus) at Rematia Theater

2019 . .."Eftihia" directed by Aggelos Frantzis(refugee) feature length film
2015. .."NesamaH" directed by Chalikia Kyriaki (fairy) short film
2015. .."I die with you " directed by Kouvaris George (Danae) short film
2014. .."In custody " directed by Kouvaris George (Natasa) short film
2013. .."Jump me if you can " directed by Kouvaris George (a-role) short film
2012. .."God loves caviar " directed by Smaragdis John, participation in feature length
2012. .."AKLO" directed by Mamaloudis Dimosthenis (Krinio) short film
2007. .."When fish fly" directed by Tzoura Vilka participation in short film
2007. .."The kiss of the butterfly " directed by Georgiadis Haris participation in feature length

2016. ..participation in TV series discussion about Ancient Tragedy for Linea Cine TV production/ Episode :" Iphigenia at Aulis" directed by Mr Papageorgiou
2012. .."Murder in Paradise : Charmed to death" directed by Naworynski P. J. docudrama participation produced by Discovery Channel

Other activities
2017. ..Model for ' Make up and Visual Arts by Dimitris Filios' (boa constrictor full body make up) - photography : Chronosgr ( George Chronakis)
2014. ..Model in a workshop of nude photography for the Sympligada group, Koilalous Dimitris organization
2018. ..fine arts model for Fine Arts School of Athens
2013 14 Work in progress, choreographies of Gerosideri Christine
2011 . .. "The myth of the Mermaid ", directed by Diamantis Alexandros ( The Mermaid) documentary
2010. ..Participation in children's events as a clown - cartoon
2010. ..As a model to the exhibition of photography " History of Bacchae" of the photographer Vekopoulos Takis

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Athena Now art video

Disco :

NesamaH (- 05:50)