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Kostas  Vantzos  

Hair color: gray Height: 187 cm
Eye color: brown Weight: 80 kg

Greek    native speaker
English   Proficiency, Toefl. M.A. in Arts  fluent
French    fair


a.    Academic Degrees :

1982- 1984: MA in Theatre Production and Directing.
                    Hunter College (C.U.N.Y), City University of New York.

1981-1982: Actor’s Studio (Lee Strasberg), Actor/ Director – (Non-
                   Matriculated member) - Observer. New York.

1976-1979: B.A. of Higher Drama School “Art Theatre” of Karolos Koun,
1976-1980: As a student and as a professional actor, he acted and                 participated in modern and ancient productions, for                
                  National and international Theatre Festivals, with The Greek Art Theatre, under the direction of Karolos koun.

b.    Prizes and Medals
2006: Municipality of Alimos – Athens Greece Award of Directing  
           Contemporary and Classical Theatre.
2002: OTE Cultural Centre – Athens Greece Award of Directing

c.    Membership of Professional Body or Association:

2017 - Today: IFFOlympia, G. Coordinator for "Mythos Project"
2020 : "Eugenio Barba and Odin Teatret in Athens", G Coordinator, "National Greek Theatre"
2000- Today: Founding Member of the Cultural Organisation “Theatron Inc.”
1979- Today        : Member of Greek Actors Guild
2013- Today        : Member of Greek Directors Guild
2002- Today        : Member of the Greek Guild, Dionysus

2009 -2015:  “Performing Arts”  Programme Leader – Module Co-ordinator-  of Acting. Dance, Costume and Set Design - I.V.T. AKMI Athens.
2005-2011: Teacher-Director of Adult Theatre Group of the
                     Municipality of Alimos, Attica, Greece.
1995-2004: Artistic Director “OTE Cultural Center- Athens
1991-1998:  Manager, of theatre company “Theatrikes Diadromes”
                   (Theatre Journeys). Athens, Greece.
1986- 1994: Artistic Director for the Theatre Festival of Ithaca, Greece.  
1981-1984: Artistic Director, Greek Cultural Center Inc., New York.

Acting 1976- Today: He has worked both as a leading and as a guest actor for numerous theatrical plays, films, television series, documentaries and commercials.
Indicatively: Theatre plays : “Oresteia” by Aeschylus, “Oedipus Rex” by Sophocles, “Trojan women” by Euripides, “Peace” , “Acharnians” , “ Knights” by  Aristophanes, “ Fili” (The Friends) by Kostas Moursselas,  “ O Babas o Polemos” (The Father War) by Jacob Kambanellis  etc.
Films: More than 12 films,in leading parts, including, “The Young Alexander” by Jelal Merchi, UK  - “Border Café” by Kambiz Partovi, Iran - “ Ble Nixtes” (Blue Nights) by Kostas Andriotis Greece & USA etc.
TV Series – Documentaries- Commercials: More than 60 television productions
Directing: 1981-Today, he has directed more than 50 theatrical plays, produced for the purposes of festivals, cultural shows, Colleges and art centers.
Indicatively:  “ Oresteia “ by Aeschylus, “Same Time Next Year“ by Bernard Slade,  The Matchmaker by Thordon Wilder, I Avli ton Thavmaton” ( The Yard of Miracles) by Jacob Kambanellis, “ Peace” by Aristophanes, “ The Rainmaker” By Richard Nash, “The Night” by H. Pinter, “Waiting for Godot” by S. Becket.  Numerous Contemporary, American, Greek, European One Act Plays by T. Williams, A. Chechov, A. Miller, G. Foissy, B. Manhof, R. Slade, R. Taylor- J. Bologna, F. Rame- Dario Fo etc
1980-1985: He directed more than 15 theatrical productions for the Greek Cultural Center Inc. New York, for the Cultural Center of Argentina in New York and for Hunter College CUNY.

2008- 2015: Co-ordinator of AKMI Art Academy (IVT 2 year studies for Dance – Set and Costume Design- Acting)

4. TEACHING - Programme Leading
2018-'19: AKTO, Scenario and Directing Animation films
2018-'19: Directing: Theatre Group of Metropolitan College  
2009 -2013: Programme Leader for the B.A. in Performing Arts, A.M.C                   Athens - Q.M.U. Edinburg.
2010- 2011: programme Leader for the B.A. in Dance Performance, A.M.C. Athens – Roehampton University, London.
2008- 2015: IVT AKMI two year programme for Acting. Course leader –tutor
                     of acting
2007- 2008: Higher Drama School “Iasmos”(Private Institution) tutor of
2004- 2008: High School (Private Lyceum “Genadios”) theatre teacher
1986-1988: Higher Drama School “Veaki” (Private Institution) tutor of
1981- Today: Seminars and Conferences: Organising and Teaching over 30 events

Indicative: Teaching teachers and professionals in childrens’ theatre, with Carmen Rouggeri, IVT Akmi - “Theatre for Children and Young Audiences” Funded by EE Programme Interreg III, Greece- Italy. Pantio Panepistimio, (University of Political Sciences in Athens) “The Birth of Ancient Drama & Comedy”. “Eugenio Barba - Odin Theatret”, Theory–Methods, Hunter College, N. York.  Sam Seppard and Joe Chaikin “Texts and Memories from the Open Theatre”, Experimentation and Research with the Dance Ensemble
by Vasso Barboussi. “American Theatre from 1945 until Today”. Play writers and Methods, (for new professional actors). In collaboration with Dr. Marvin Seiger (Theatre Professor of Hunter College-C.U.N.Y.) etc.

1982- Today
2020: "The Moon Rises from the Ganges", Eugenio Barba, translation, "Dodoni Publications".
2018: "Burning the House- for Directing and Dramaturgy", E. Barba, translation, "Dodoni Public.".
2017: "Beyond the Floating Islands", Eugenio Barba, translation, "Dodoni Publications". 
2017: "Floating Islands-Revised Edition", Eugenio Barba, translation, "Dodoni Publications
Articles in Greek & American & Cultural Magazines
                    And books, titled:
                   “ Odos Panos”, “Dromena” Athens – “Stoxi” (Targets) N.Y.               
                      “Cultural Expression” . Contents: Analysis in Eugenio Barba’s
                      Theatre, Arthur Miller’s plays, Underground Theatre,
                      Experimental Theatre, Contemporary Greek Theatre, I.   
Cambanellis etc.

Play Translations Published:
Sheppard, S. – Chaikin,J (1991)   Tongues, Angel’s Monologue,
                     Savage Love, Dodoni Publications Athens
Barba, E. (1982), The Floating Islands, Andromeda Publications Athens
1980-2015: Play Translations for acting classes & seminars from English into Greek

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