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Yoryos  Stylianopoulos  
Screenplay Writer

Hair color: brown Height: 176 cm
Eye color: blue Weight: 70 kg

Greek    native speaker
English   Lower, διχρονη προετοιμασία για Profficiency  very well

Yoryos is the closest there is to the greek version of George.
Directing, performing, producing, writing, depicting reality (photo/video), filming
|| some of my passions.
Science fiction || a source of inspiration.
Space || a love of a lifetime.
Traveling || a deep inner journey.
Love || the founding element of life.
Time || our biggest constrain and our most important ally.
Precision || an unavoidable quality.
Balance || a power force.
People || all we got.
Future || open for construction.
Fate || a million possibilities.
Action || my choice.
Freedom || the way I try to think.
You || my mirror.
Us || everything there is.  

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