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Nikos  Mavroudis  

Hair color: brown Height: 180 cm
Eye color: brown Weight: 115 kg

Greek    native speaker
English   Lower  well

I am a graduate of Akis Davis theatre school.
Ive participated in Ms. R. Paterakis studios and Ive attended at Mr. Ksikomninos and Economidiss cinema seminar.
Ive, also, been in numerous theatrical plays that include the following:
Hamlet That Punk directed by Mary Maragoudaki
To Phos Pou Panta kaie (K. Varnalis) directed by Vasilis Kolovos, in Greece and Australia
Fucklifestyle directed by Mary Maragoudaki
Escorial directed by Demertzi Helen
Anathesis directed by Ionas Manolis
La Promise(X. Durringer) directed by Koukoutsi Eve
Pizza Mercedes directed by Livanos George
he maginary nvalid directed by Parazakonis A.
Enas Epikindinos Ipallilos directed by Fragoulis
Galileo (B.Brecht) directed by Parzakoni A.
The Bear (A. Chekhov) directed by Parzakoni A.
The Yellow Cat Campare (Kouretzis L.) directed by Parzakoni A.

I am in cooperation with the Melenikos studios since 2010.

I have participated in both M. Manousakis movie Ouzeri Tsitsanis and F. Borgis Eksileosis.
Also I have taken part in the following short films.
(Sell It) by Orpheas Peretzis, Rapamithi by N. Tsatsanis and Cure directed by Ifigenia Dimitriou.

Lastly, I have participated in the Greek TV shows Baba Min Trechis, Agria Pedia, Koukles and some advertisements and video clips in Greece and abroad.

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