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Christina  Kyriazidi  
Acting Coach

Hair color: brown Height: 169 cm
Eye color: brown Weight: 56 kg

Greek    native speaker
English    fluent
French    fluent
Portuguese    fluent
Spanish    fluent
German    well
Italian    well
Greek Sign Language   2002  little

Christina Kyriazidi is a Berlin-based cultural entrepreneur, theatre maker, actress, writer, musician and radio producer.

She was formed as an actress and playwright in Greece and the UK (University of Exeter) and she has worked so far, as an actress and dramaturge, in Greece, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Poland,
Ireland, Argentina and Brazil. 

She is also an accordionist, composer and songwriter.

In 2010, she founded in Berlin the international theatre group “Marinaio Teatro” and a year later, the itinerant theatre festival “KNOTS: Exchange Meeting of Theatre Groups” with editions so far in
Berlin, Buenos Aires, La Paz and São Paolo.
She has given workshops as a theatre educator for adolescents in Germany, Argentina and Brazil, and in 2013, she founded in Berlin, the L A B [Laboratory Actors Berlin], a platform of training, research and
creation for young actors.

As a playwright, she was awarded by the Greek National Union of  Writers for her play "AUTUMN MEETING" (2002), while her play "FOREST UNDER THE SEA" (2013) was produced by the Brazilian
Ministry of Culture in 2015, and toured in Brazil in 2016, through the award of “FUNARTE”. Her play "The Mutes" was selected as one of the 4 European plays on the theme of the European Crisis, for the
"PIIGS Festival 2016 - Dramaturgia Sobre la Crisi" and published in Catalan by the above festival.
Her plays have been produced so far, in Greece, Germany, Brazil and Spain.

With her initiative STORY FOR FOOD, she audio collects undocumented stories and runs several storytelling activities in the city of Berlin, two live monthly radio shows and the podcast "Stories
in Berlin”

Link & Video

Nomads (performance, Berlin 2011)
ORIGINS (performance, Berlin 2010)
FLORESTA DEBAIXO DO MAR_Brazil tour 2015-2016
HUMAN VOICE by J.Cocteau (extract) // Christina Kyriazidi

Patrick e(s)t moi_ Berlin, Paris 2014