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Giannis  Troumpoukis  
Musician (singer)

Hair color: brown Height: 175 cm
Eye color: hazel Weight: 77 kg

Greek   AEI  native speaker
Ancient Greek    native speaker
English    well
French    well
Italian    little
Rumanian    little

Giannis Troumpoukis was born and grew up in Athens in 1973. 
In 1994 starts his studies at the theatre «Alkmini» with teachers Akis Davis, Roula Pateraki, Ploutarcho Kaitatzi, Eleni Demertzi, Eva Koukoutsi and Maria Aggelou. At the same time he becomes member of the team «Lazy Dayz» doing Street Theatrical Art and Juggling Performances in Festivals and Events.
In 1998 he collaborates with the talented Director George Kakanakis who studied in Actors Studio and becomes member of the team Prospecta presenting their theatrical plays in Athens Theatres. In 2000 he collaborates with the Director Vasilis Laggos and Aggela Lira at «Art Askitirion» that works on Grotofski’s techniques.
In 2002 he meets the successful Maestro Michalis Makris, professor of Byzantine Music and studies Ecclesiastical Music and Traditional Song at the «National Music School of Athens» and becomes member of the O.E.BY.X.(Orthodox Ecclesiastical Byzantine Choir) taking part from then in Performances at the «ATHENS CONCERT HALL», «HODEON of HERODES ATTICUS», «NATIONAL OPERA » and many festivals all over Greece as in choir’s recordings. 
The past few years he lives in Corinth and since 2015 he collaborates with the Theatrical Laboratory of Corinth with Director George Tzavaras. Since 2015 he teaches Theatrical Game in children and teenagers. 
He is a Magician and has created the «Unlock your fantasy with the Show of Magic Dante» which he presents in Theatres and Events.  He has taken part in Theatrical Performances and plays of the team Prospecta, Dario Fo, Anton Tsehov, Theatre Aleph of Chile, Eduard Bond, Euripides e.t.c. He has also participated in T.V. series and short and long films directed by Giannis Galanoulis, Lagia Giourgiou, Stamos Tsamis, Yelena Popovic.

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