Elena  Pioletti  
Translator Italian

Hair color: light brown Height: 162 cm
Eye color: brown Weight: 55 kg

Greek   ÁÅÉ  native speaker
Italian   ÁÅÉ - ÅğÜñêåéá  fluent
English   Proficiency  fluent
German   B2  well
French    fair
Spanish    little

Studies and workshops:

Theater of Changes
-Acting Improvisation with E. Tsolakidis
-Acting methods Stanislavsky, Vantagof, A. Tsekof,  Meyerhold, D. Mommet
-Acting with D. Maurizio, A. Calogridis, C. Arvanitakis, T. Atheridis, G. Cormanos, N. Psaras
-Acting Performance with A. Ludaro, E. Tsolakidis, T. Saranto 
-Acting on camera with Aris Bafalucas, Cristos Dimas, G. Bacolas, C. Kimulis
-Bertolt Brecht: Direction - Acting with C.Arvanitakis
- Stanislavsky method with D. Catalifos
- Shakespeare (poetic speech) with D. Imelos and C. Arvanitakis 
- Greek Tragedy with F. Comminuted and D. Maurizio 

Drama School "Dilos" 
Acting on Camera with P. Chursoglu, D. Avdeliodis, A. Cocinos, B. Bafeas,  N. Stampulopulos, D. Papadopoulos, S. Ioanna, D. Panagiotato and others 2005, 2006, 2007

Antenna Media Lab
Workshop on Tv presentation for 6 months

Moraitis School 
Acting Performance with C. Georgusopulos for 3 years

Law School in Italy : (Universita di Giurisprudenza di Camerino) : Degree in Law and acting workshop with an actor of Teatro Piccolo

Workshop on Modelling with T. Zogopulu 

Moraitis School : graduate 

Piano 3 years
Singing with N. Zappa and A. Armani at Theater of Changes

Jazz Musical with B.Bugiucli - A.Armani at Theater of Changes
Salsa, Bachata, Paccianga with La Secta Dance Company
Classical Ballet RAD system in Athens 3 years

2017.....Troades....dir. E. Tsolakidis ....Godess Athena, Theater of Changes Little Paris in Athens Festival 
2017 ..Elevator ....dir. s. Kinalopulos Nana Theater of Changes
2017....Duckbill ....dir. s. Kinalopulos Anna Theater of Changes
2016 . .. "Midnight's Sommer Dream" W. Shakespeare dir. Tsolakidis E. Ippolita  Theater of Changes Little Paris in Athens Shakespeare 
2011 . .. Greece ..live your myth  director S. Stamatis óêçí. Bar-Theaters in Athens
2009 . .. Mamma Mia  directors B.Bugiucli - A.Armani at Theater of Changes
2007 . .. City:   director E. Tsolakidis at Theater of Changes
2007 . .. Sex Depression and Madness director R. Vasilacopulu at Chitirio
2006...   Vagina Monologues director A. Ludaros at  Theater of Changes

..... Locandiera of Goldoni Mirella Law School in Italy 
....  Cleopatra of M. Churmusi director C. Georgusopulos at Moraitis School Theater
..... Suddenly last summer T. William - Cathrine director C. Georgusopulos at Moraitis School Theater

2018 ....Enganments dir. C. Dimas (workshop)
2017 .....various scenes from famous films dir. C. Dimas (workshop)
 2008 . .. Bloody Mary   Directors T. Sclavolia A. Bafaloukas participant at yourfilmfestival 
2007 . .. Thelma & Louize  director A. Bafaloukas scene  (workshop)
2007 . .. Clerks  dir. D. Panagiotatos   scene (workshop)
2007 . .. Cousins scene of Coffe and cigarettes director P. Chursoglu  (workshop)
2006 . .. Prime dir. P. Chursoglu scene (workshop) 
2005 . .. I ginaika einai ... skliros anthropos  dir. A. Cafetzopoulos small part 
2007 . .. Birth Day dir. G. Marcakis short film participant to the Festival of Drama
2012....Advertising Masutis company Fotone 

Other Studies
Studies in Law in Italiian University

Driving, sailing, mountain skiing, water skiing  

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