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Efi  Papatheodorou  

Hair color: gray Height: 162 cm
Eye color: green Weight: 50 kg

English    very well
French    very well
Greek    native speaker
Italian    fair

Mrs Effie Papatheodorou is a theatre film and television actress settled in Athens, Creece. A graduate of the Conservatory of Athens Drama
School, Ms Papatheodorou was a pupil of the renowned director Demitris Rondiris with whom she studied and played ancient Greek drama
both in Greece and abroad. She has an extensive career in acting, including contemporary drama, comedy and musical comedy as well as
ancient classical drama. She has had leading roles in

Bed and Breakfast by Ch.Doxaras dir. K. Dalianis Teacher Martha
Good bye Mr.Tcheckof by Monsera dir. L. Kouretzis Massa - Tcheckof's sister
Uncle Vania by C. Tcheckof dir. L. Kouretzis Sonia
Georges Sande by D. J. Rasgonikoff dir. L. Kouretzis Georges Sande
Le Avare by Moliere dir. E. Vasilikioti The Matchmaker
Le Petit Bourgeois by Moliere dir. L. Kouretzis Nicole
Tartuff by Moliere dir. L. Kouretzis The Servant
Le Malade Imaginaire by Moliere dir. L. Kouretzis Touanette
Your Husband or a Dog - a german comedy of errors - dir. V. Ritsos The Secretary
Madam Kanarini by N. Spanias dir. S. Patroklos Madame Kanarini
The Chairs by E. Ionesko dir. S. Patroklos The Old Lady
The Death of Electra by E. Papatheodorou dir. E. Papatheodorou Electra
Beyond the Shadow of the Cypress - Tree by Y. Ritsos dir. F. Taxiarhis The Mourning Woman
Havoc (musical - dancing and singing) dir. Y. Flery various roles
Women in the Parliament by Aristofanis dir. K. Farmasonis The Old Bitch
The Sheep - Coat by S. Stratiev dir. K. Bakas The Housewife
Dikos by M. Demou dir. S. Patroklos (Prize for best actress in the Theatrical Festival in Ithaka 1989) Poulcheria
Victor Hara dir. K. Karayeoryis Violeta Parra

In 1989 Ms Papatheodorou won the prize for Best Actress Interpretation in the Theatrical Festival of Ithaki
She is also the author of a number of published works, including plays: The Death of Electra e.t.c. and children's books
In 1990 she won the Michaela Averoff prize for Morosclavo, the Hidden Treasure - a book for children
She has taken part in many Greek T.V. series as well as films

Tomorrow is Another Day by Masclavani Funny Lady
The Dress by M. Vaxevani short film Madamme Pelayia
Niovi Danced her Life by A. Papaheliou TVFilm The Mother
The Back Door by Y. Tsemberopoulos The Grand - mother
The Charrioteer by A. Damianos The Mother of the Partisan
Cristal - Clear Nights by T. Marketaki Lady
Kazantzakis Life by N. Yianopoulos short film Madamme Hortance
Deep Sight by J. Kaloyeropoulos short film Painter

Besides Greek, Ms Papatheodorou is fluent in English and French and has a working knowledge of Italian. She is available through www.ordino.gr

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