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Simeon  Tsakiris  

Hair color: brown Height: 177 cm
Eye color: brown Weight: 65 kg

Greek    native speaker
English    very well
German    little

Drama School (National Theatre of Northern Greece, graduate 2003)
Journalism and Mass Media (Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, grad. 2002)
Classic guitar

2018... The engineer, dir. Dimitris Kotselis, role: Stefanos
2018... The man, dir. Alexandros Kakaniaris, role: Sailor
2017... Saison morte, dir. Thanassis Totsikas, role: Simeon Dakozis
2017... Aggelos Nomas, dir. Sifis Stamou, role: Konstantinos
2016... Roza of Smyrna, dir. George Kordellas, role: Tourkish doctor
2016 Vythisma, dir. Polymnia Papadopoulou- Sardeli, leading role (anonymous)
2015 Change, director Nicos Panayotopoulos, leading role (anonymous)
2015 The card, director Vagelis Theodorou, leading role: Kriezis
2014 The bust, director Michalis Dimitriou, leading role: Andreas
2014 Riverbanks, director Panos Karkanevatos, role: warrant officer
2014 Penguins of Madagascar, (DreamWorks Animation), dir. P. Damoulis, role: Skipper
2013 Red Hulk, director Asimina Proedrou, role: Second-in-command
2011...Poker Face, director Christos Dimas, role: the Tv- director
2009...Ricordi Mi dir. Stella Theodoraki, role: the Thief
2007... Tashan, dir. Victor Krishna Acharya, role: dancer
2005... The Wake, dir. Nikos Grammatikos, role: the Groom
2005... Under the sheet, dir. M. Tsampani & P. Kalkovalis, role: Christos

Dance- theatre:
2011... Inside, choreographer D. Papaioannou, Palace Theatre, Athens
2009... Nowhere, choreographer D. Papaioannou, National Theatre of Greece
2008- 09... Medea, chor. D. Papaioannou, Palace Theatre (Athens) and Beijing Theatre
2006- 07... 2, choreographer D. Papaioannou, Palace Theatre, Athens

2018... Maya Buff, Bladimir Mayakovsky, dir. Yannis Mandafounis, National Theater of Greece
2016... The minions of Midas, Jack London, dir. Dimitris Dimopoulos, Theatre Michael Kakoyannis
2016... Jack the ripper, dir. George Simonas, Theatre Rabbithole
2015 Julius Caesar, W. Shakespeare, dir. Cezaris Graužinis, Athens Festival, role: Lucios
2014-15 The double, Th. Dostoyevsky, dir. Efi Birba, Theatre Roes
2013- 14 The Creditors, A. Stridberg, dir. Th. Glynatsis, Theatre of Neos Cosmos
2013 Mercier and Camier, S. Beckett, dir. G. Kakleas, Athens Festival (multiple roles)
2013 The legend of the man who is hovering over the parks, Enric Nolla, dir. T. Glinatsis Knot Gallery, Athens (leading role)
2009... Inferno, Dante, dir. Romeo Castelluci, Athens Festival
2005... Arden of Feversham, Anonymous, dir. G. Rigas, Minos Volanakis Stage, Thessaloniki, role: a killer
2000... The Caretaker, H. Pinter, dir. Gr. Apostolopoulos, Minos Volanakis Stage, Thessaloniki (leading role)
1998... About Last Night, D. Mamet, dir. Gr. Apostolopoulos, Minos Volanakis Stage, Thessaloniki, role: Bernie
1997... The Lady of Larkspur Lotion, T. Williams, dir. P. Michailidis, role: the Writer

TV Commercials:
Groupama Phoenix- Insurance Company (leading role)
Geniki Bank (leading role)
Alpha Bank (leading role)
Anti-smoking campaign- Greek Ministry of Health (leading role)

Sports and other activities:
Rock Climbing
Modern Dance

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: Groupama

: Alpha Bank

: Geniki Bank

Making of Eurobank

: Eurobank