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Antoniou  Sotiris  

English    fluently
German    fluently
French    well
Greek    mother tongue

Drama school graduate 2003. He has worked with well-known and highly respected Greek directors and is also able to act and has acted in English and German too. He is a proficient piano player as well.
Feature films:
" Ouzeri Tsitsanis"  (Kurt)    dir. Manousos Manousakis
" God Loves Caviar" ( Turkish pirate)    dir. Giannis Smaragdis

Short films:
"Invasion" (Lead) International film festival in Drama
"West of Eden"  International film festival in Drama
*the Island" (Lead) 48hours Athens festival
" A Sight of Now"

"Symmathites"  series ANT1 tv channel (Dr. Ripstein 3 episodes)
"Full Speed Ahead" tv spot ministry of Labor
50 min. 'Financial Adviser Training' video Piraeus Bank

"Amphitryon" Heinrich von Kleist (Hermes)
"Alcestis" Euripides (Death-Servant)
"Peace" Aristophanes (Hermes)
"Wealth" Aristophanes (Young man)
"Bent" Martin Sherman (Capo)
"Rose Tatoo" Tennessee Williams (Jack)
"Servant of Two Masters" Goldoni (Florindo-Pantalone)
"The Miser" Moliere (Valere)
"The Winter's Tale" Shakespeare (Polixenes)
"White Nights" Dostoyevsky" (Young man}
"The Emperor and the Nightingale"
"Jack and the Beanstalk"
"Snow Queen"
"The Sacrifice of Abraham" Cretan medieval drama (Angel}
"Erotokritos" Cretan medieval drama (King)
"A Nasty Trick" David Foley (Piano player-narrator)
"Ouch, My Kidneys" (Lead)
"Don Camillo" (Lead)
"The Misfortune" (Lead)
"The Aunt from Khartoum" (Lead)
"Pieces and Shards" (Lead)
"The Inheritance" (Lead)
"The Parade" (Lead)
" The Wall" (Lead) 

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