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Steven  Christofer  

Hair color: brown Height: 179 cm
Eye color: brown Weight: 92 kg

English    fluent
Italian    little
German    little
Spanish    little
Greek    native speaker

Born in Greece April 8, 1954

Started my acting career when a friend offered me a part in Greek TV series called Night. Being a new face in the industry, I was offered another character role in another series called Monday Theatre

After travelling around the world for a couple of years and joining the Army for another two, left Greece for the U.S.

There, I joined a small acting studio called the Drama Workshop, where I stayed for two years. While there, participated in several showcase productions such as The Seagull, A View from the Bridge, and A Streetcar Named Desire

Next, landed a small part in John Huston's Pritzi's Honor with Jack Nicholson

Then I moved on to study with Lee Strasberg, where I stayed with him and other teachers for two years

Another small opportunity arrived - to play a part in Martin Scorcese's King of Comedy - with Robert de Niro in the lead

Things brought me back to Greece; after wich, I started project after project, the first being the Hadjimanuel TV series

Then came a movie by Yiannis Dalianidis, The Rebels, followed by another TV series by the same director, Everyday Stories

Right after that, I was cast in a showcase by George Messalas called The Killer, in which I had the lead role

Then participated in the English production The First Olympics

Back in the States with a B-movie destined for the South American market, The Soccer Player, with Pele in the lead

Dream Streets was another project in which I had a small role

Then I was approached by the Greek Cultural Center, where I did two shows in succession, Basically my Name is Tom and The Man with a Flower in his Mouth, holding in both cases the lead

After that came the movie Astoria by Nick Efteriadis, with a good character role

And one in Greece by Vangelis Seitanidis called Forever a Student

Also a supporting role in the Greek TV series The Other Side of the Wall directed by Joe Sauter

After that came the film Hardcore by Dennis Iliadis

Latest appearance in TV was Two Days Only a Greek series by Christoforos Papakaliatis

Latest appearance in film was The Prophet by Dimitris Poulos

I'm a sportsman. One could call me an adventurer. I was a member of the 1972 Greek Olympic swimming team. I enjoy nature and have a talent for languages

Antiques are a sideline for me

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