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Maria  Tsaroucha Ziaka  
Acting Coach
Musical Performer

Hair color:brown Height:161 cm
Eyes color: brown Weight:63 kg

English    fluently
Spanish    fair
German    few
Greek    mother tongue

Maria has a BA in
Sociology from Deree College in Athens, Greece and she is an
honored graduate from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts
in New York, USA. (https://www.aada.edu/)

She has extensively worked on Shakespearian women and on
Stanislavsky Method at the Webber Douglas Academy of
Dramatic Arts in London. She has studied acting and directing for
the cinema with Michael Ilienko, Dean of the Film University in
Kiev, Ukrane.

For eight years she has studied creative writing and Philosophy
of Literature at the Center of creative writing and conflict

At the age of 13 she wrote her first book First steps, first
thoughts and she has been rewarded from the famous Greek
writers Antonis Samarakis and Kostas Tahtsis as the youngest
Greek writer.

When she returned from New York she became and remains, a
member of NAMA at Epi Kolono theater, created Magic Room theatre, her own acting company and has
extensively worked on organically truthful acting for the theater, tv and cinema in Greece and abroad.

In 2011, her book Translucent Vacant Head was published by Heridanos publications.

Personal site: mariatsaroucha.com

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