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Giannis  Daskalothanasis  
Director of Photography

Greek    native speaker
English   intermediate  fluent

Born in Athens, Greece in 1954.
He graduated from the Stavrakos Athens Film School in 1976.
At the beginning, he worked as an assistant of several D.P's in feature films, documentaries and commercials.
In 1978, he worked for 6 months as cameraman for the t.v. Studio T. VS.
From 1979 to 1993, he worked as the main D.P. for the successful documentary series Paraskinio (Backstage),Greek television's oldest program - it started in 1976 and still runs - which deals with interviews of artists, philosophers, writers, poets, e.t.c.
Over the years, Y.D., has gained a vast experience behind the camera in various fields of the film industry.
Specialized in aerial shots.

Feature Films
1989 Danillo Treles by Stavros Tornes
1989 Sweet Dreams by Markos Hollevas
1989 Xenia by Patrice Vivankos
1991 Take Care by Giorgos Tsemberopoulos
1993 Fonissa (Murderess) by Angelos Kovotsos
1994 The Dog by Yannis Xanthopoulos
1995 Touch me Not by Dimitris Yantzouzakis
1996 Alexander and Aise by Dimitris Kollatos
1996 Pepermint by Kostas Kapakas
2000 To Mono tis Zois tou Taxidio (The One in his Life Journey) by Lakis Papastathis
2002 The King by Nikos Gramatikos

1978-95 Paraskinio various directors Production Cinetic
1980 Dionissios Solomos: The Poet dir. Manos Efstradiatis
1980 Industrial Documentary Production Cinetic
1982 Female Portraits dir. Maria Papalliou - Helen Voudouri
1982 Spileological Treasures dir. John Kaspiris
1982 Modem Persons various directors
1982 Cultural Matters various directors
1982 Greece is not Only Athens various directors
1982 Ecological Matters various directors
1982 Fossils on Rocks dir. Yannis Kaspiris
1988 Alexander the Great in U.S.A. dir. Markos Holevas
1988 Zeddah Soudi Arabia dir. Yannis Daskalothanassis
1988 Ioannina dir. Dimitris Yantzouzakis
1988 ERT1 All Around Greece various directors
1988 Popular Vagrant Musicians dir. Yannis Kaspiris
1989 Wedding Flag dir. Sotirios Anastasiadis
1989 Nikos Svoronos dir. Frida Liappa
1990 Hymn to Freedom dir. Tonis Lykopressis
1993 Gorbatshov dir. Diagoras Chronopoulos
1995 Intimate Matters dir. Julia Reichert
1996 Epiros, Primordial Greece dir. Maria Papaliou
1998 The Return of the Magus dir. Mike Pearce

T.V. Series
1988 Their Best Years dir. M. Manousakis
1992 Trouble for Two dir. Dimitris Arvanitis
1992 Ah Eleni dir. Yannis Kakleas
1992 Shelter for 5 dir. Angelos Kovotsos
1993 Casa di Macaroni dir. Dimitris Arvanitis
1993 Silver Dinnar dir. Dimitris Arvanitis
1994 Vanilla and Choko dir. Maximos
1994 Don't be Afraid of the Fire dir. Andreas Thomopoulos
1994 Crazy Stories dir. Dimitris Panagiotatos
1995 Magic Nights dir. Dimitris Panagiotatos
1997 Lost Letters dir. Vasilis Tselemengos
1998 To Simadi tou Erota (The Sign of Love) dir. Dimitris Sofianopoulos
2001 Epifania (Surface) dir. Vasilis Tselemengos
2002 Leni (Surface) dir. Zaroutiades L.
2003 Oniro itan (Surface) dir. Zaroutiades L.
2004 Etsi ksafnika (Surface) dir. Siougas G.

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