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Theodora  Loukas  
Acting Coach
Executive Producer

Hair color: blonde Height: 172 cm
Eye color: hazel Weight: 65 kg

Greek    native speaker
English    fluent

A New York-based (currently in Athens, Greece) actor, acting coach/director, producer and a proud member of SAG-AFTRA. Select off Broadway credits: Hotel AntiPedipus (Center Pompidou, Paris France), Oedipus: Sex With Mum Was Blinding (Brooklyn Academy of Music - BAM), Agamemnon (Clytemnestra, La MaMa ETC), The Seagull (Arkadina, Schapiro Theatre), In Chorus (11th, NYU), In Vino (Maria, The Brick), Blind Spot (Nicki, NYU), Goats (Imm Al-Tayyib, Martin E. Segal), Lordes (Lordes, Schapiro Theatre), Marriage Proposal (Natalia, HCC), The Anniversary (Merchutkina, HCC), Could You Please Look Into The Camera (Noura, TheaterLab), Redshift (Minute-Taker, The Wild Project), Tejas Verdes (Gravedigger, The Actors Company Theatre), Locusts (Zana, Martin E. Segal), Arabian Night (Fatima, Martin E. Segal). Most recent Films credits: One Moment (opposite Danny Aiello), Lost Love, Poetic Gaze, Bulletproof, May God Strike Me Down, I Stand Here Ironing, Prodigy, Time Space Speculum, Five Cents A Piece for which her performance was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Award (Sparrow Film Project 2018). Theodora has been coaching actors since 2010. Select Directorial work includes: Whole (The Players Theatre), Opening Act of The Gabby Awards 2017 (Carnegie Hall), Director in Primary Stages ESPAs Detention #44: Modern Myth (Skeleton Rep) and Detention #45: Home for the Holidays (Cherry Lane Theatre), directed and produced the demo DVD of the book Perfecting your English Pronunciation of the acclaimed speech consultant and accent specialist Susan Cameron published by MacGraw-Hill. She produced many Theatre Shows, Films, Musical Events and her own Radio Show at Gaepis Cosmos FM called Standing Out. She is a graduate of The Atlantic Acting School, The Tom Todoroff Acting Studio, The Morfes Theatre Company Acting Conservatory (Embros Theatre of Athens, Greece) and The Panteio University of Social and Political Sciences with a degree in Sociology.

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Scene Clip - Drama 1

Scene Clip - Drama 2

"Elli" by Yianna Dellatolla - Greek with English Subtitles

"Women and Wallace" by Kate Nixon

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