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Maria  Syrigou  

Hair color: dark brown Height: 174 cm
Eye color: brown Weight: 69 kg

English   Michigan Proficiency Certificate in English, TOEFL (Total Score 563)  fluent
French    fluent
Spanish   Diploma Superior Menendez Pelayo  fluent
Italian   CELI 4 Perugia  very well
Greek    native speaker

A dynamic personality, very social and flexible, with fine sense of humor, patient, ambitious, optimistic, generous, emotional, overanxious, and very well organized.

10/1998-03/2003: National and Kapodistrian University of Athens: Graduate of Faculty of French language and literature.
15/10/2012-15/06/2015: Graduate of Veaki Drama School.
09/2010 : I attend the Theater of Changes and I have selected Acting lessons (organizing performances), lessons of extemporization, lessons of correct use of the voice, music and singing (teached by: Mr. Alafouzos, Mr. Armani, Mr. Zalmas, Mr. Karamichos, Mr. Katalifos, Mr. Kormanos, Mr. Kouris, Mr. Krommidas, Mr. Lygizos, Mr. Mavrogeorgiou, Mr. Moscholidakis, Miss Brebou, Mr. Serafeim,Mr. SYmeonidis, Miss George).
Dance: Miss Vougioukli, Dance Cultural Center.
Singing Lessons: Mr. Armani, Miss I. Forti.

Acting Seminars
06/06/2017-18/07/2017: The art of improvisation for professional actors by E. Skoti.
04/02/2016-10/04/2016: Acting lessons by D. Papadopoulos.
02/04/2016: How to launch an international career by Miss Suzanne Smith, International Casting Director.
29-30/01/2011: Walking and Falling Seminar by Mr. Tsolakidis.

16/11/2018-01/02/2019: Theater Elpidas: by N. Koukou. Direction by Cleopatra Svana.
14/10/2016-27/01/2017: Theater Paramythias: ׻ by Georgia Chioni. Direction by Christos Pousinis-Georgia Chioni. Leading Role.
07-12/05/2012: I was chosen by audition to participate as an actress at the theatrical pieces that had been awarded during the 6 Pocket Theater Festival. Direction by A. Sakellaropoulou.
08/2019: Erotas Meta. Direction by: Konstantinidis Sergios. Role: Melpo. 5th episode for ALPHA TV. Production by: Green Pixel.
04/2019: The return. Direction by: Pantazoudis Alexandros Michalopoulos Sryros - Sotiropoulos Antonis. Role: Head of female prisons. 125th and 129th episode for 1. Production by: KAPA STUDIOS - G. KARAGIANNIS S.A.
03/2019: The Price of fire. Direction by: Dimas Christos. Role: Resident. 89th episode for OPEN BEYOND TV.
02/2019: Eteros Ego Chapter II: Lost Souls. Direction by: Tsafoulias Sotiris. Role: The Nurse. 1st episode. Production by: BLONDE PRODUCTIONS S.A.
01/2019: Eletheri Sxesi. Direction by: Thomopoulos Vasilis.Role: The Receptionist. 35th, 36th episode for OPEN BEYOND TV.
11/2017: Separados. Direction by: Thomopoulos Vasilis-KoutrasPanagiotis. Role: Sergean at the 26th, 27th episode. Production by: ANTS Production HUB S.A.
2016-2017: Production-Filming, for the national Greek Television, by Linea Production TV of a documentary-research concerning the Greek Ancient Drama with lectures Mr. Chanztakis, Mr. Evangelatos, Mr. Kakleas, Mr.Lignadis, Mr.Giotis, Mr. Kazakos, Miss Evangelatou, Mr. Marmarinos, Mr. Livathinos, Mr. Markoulakis, Miss Spyratou, Mr. Kypourgos.
2016-2017: Oi Symmathites. Direction by: Thomopoulos Vasilis-KoutrasPanagiotis. Role: Dora Staikou at the 41st, 157th,158th episode, 3rd season. Production by: ANTS Production HUB S.A.
02/02/2016: YES CHEF! Direction by Rasidakis Spiros. Participation as an helping actress at the 12th episode. Production by: Mega Channel.

05/2017: European Citizen. Direction by: Kaberis Nkos. Short Film.
04/2017: The Waiter. Direction by: Steve Krikris. Production by: Filmiki Productions S.A.

04/2017: Regen Drs. Chris Megapanos Official Web Page.

Video Clip:
02/2019: Naked Truth. Documentary video clip. Singer: Katerina Stikoudi. Production by: Dj Rico.

Computer Skills
- Graduate of ECDL (European Computer Driving License). Computer literate in Windows, Microsoft Office, Internet, Outlook, Excess, Access, Power Point, Front Page, Typing.

Other Activities
Holder of Driving License, Life Guard Licentiate, Music, Gymnastics (Kick Boxing-Pilates- Modern Dance, pop, r n b, jazz, pole dancing), Cinema, Photography, Mountain Ski, Travelling.

I remain at your disposal for any supplementary information.

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