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Elli  Stefanidi  

Hair color: dark brown Height: 173 cm
Eye color: gray and green Weight: 53 kg

English    fluent
French    very well
Spanish    fair
Greek    native speaker

· Death on the Prowl, Feature | lead | Alexandros Kollatos (Thessaloniki Film Festival, Greece -Best Actress Nominee)
· Thank You New York, Feature | lead | Constance Fichet
· The Bubble Affair, Short | lead | Evangelos Papapostolou
· The Present, Short | lead | Evangelos Papapostolou
· See Jane Kill, Short | lead | Jack Chiueh
· Here Comes Santa Claus, Short | supporting | Nina Hautumn
· A Tooth Fairy Tale, Short | supporting | Jack Chiueh
· Hello Lucy, Short | supporting | Demian Sabini

· Love On The Bordeline | Stefania | ANT1 / M. Manousakis
· Commercials and music videos | Varied | Athens, Greece

· Death and the Ploughman | Death / Wife | La MaMa E.T.C. / Peter Case 
· The Rule of Capture, reading | Edna Slack | La MaMa E.T.C. / Charles Case
· The Danube | Eve | Nostalghia T.C. Athens, Greece
· Marat / Sade | Multiple roles | Nostalghia T.C. Athens, Greece
· Strangers | Maddie | Rita Wallach Morgenthau Theatre
· ‘Dentity Crisis | Jane | | Rita Wallach Morgenthau Theatre

The Neighborhood Playhouse Representative roles:
· Women of Manhattan | Billie | Richard Pinter
· The Importance of Being Earnest | Cecily | Richard Pinter
· Othello | Desdemona | Harold G. Baldridge
· Macbeth | Lady Macbeth | Gary Ramsey


The Neighborhood Playhouse, New York - Two year full time program
Drama School of Athens, Greece - Three year full time program
E.A.P. University of Greece - 6 month course on Greek culture
Aliki Diamanti Ballet Academy - 9 years of classic ballet

Acting: Richard Pinter, Gary Kingston
Stage Combat: Rick Sordelet, Peter Cantona
Voice and Speech: Gary Ramsey, Kathleen Kelly
Singing: Ron Shetler
Dance: Gary Gendell (Jazz), Barbara Cole (Ballet), Leslie Meyers (Modern)
Shakespeare: Harold G. Baldridge
Film & Television: Stone Street Studios and with CC Courtney
Monologues: Brian O’ Neil, 6 week class
OPT in Dramaturgy and Project Development: Shetler Studios

Special Skills
Greek (fluent), French (proficient), Spanish (conversational), five years of piano training, fast learner, photography lover, stick shift driving, belly dancing, proficient hula hooping skills, moonwalk, bark like an angry small dog, goosebumps inducing screamer.

Link & Video

Trailer Grimm Show