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Sissy  Kapetanou  
Musician (singer)

Hair color: brown Height: 175 cm
Eye color: brown Weight: 60 kg

Greek    native speaker
English   Lower Cambridge  very well

I studied theatre at IASMOS drama school, as well as Greek literacy in National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. I also have a master of science degree in Drama in education from the Pedagogical department of the University of Thessaly.

I acted in a number of roles with 8 years of experience in theater, film and television. I´ve also sung in many festivals and theater performances since I have strong singing abilities. I deal with theatrical adaptations and directing of teenage performances from 2014-2020.

In television I played the main role in the pilot episode of the comedy Bad father- in law in script of Haris Romas. In theater I played the main role in the cretan drama Erotokritos, I participated in an ancient comedy kklisiazouses in a tour that took place in a several ancient theaters, I took part in a theatrical adaptation of the novel And then there were none written by Agatha Christie, and in the comedy Bed time stories directed by George Iliopoulos. I also participated in the famous opera Traviata at the Athens Concert Hall directed by Nick Petropoulos. took part in the film Butterfly and I participated in the album Ode to Crete recording on vocals. Furthermore, I was a priestess from 2012 to 2018 at the lighting flame ceremonies of Olympic Games in Ancient Olympia and kalimarmaro stadium.

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