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Rigas  Skepetaris  
Musician (singer)
Music producer

Hair color: brown Height: 185 cm
Eye color: brown Weight: 75 kg

Greek    native speaker
English    very well
Spanish    fair

Rigas Skepetaris first became involved in music and drama at the age of 12 in Athens. At the age of 18 as a student in Patras, he continued with his interest in the arts by getting involved in the drama (arts and drama) department of the school where he was completing his tertiary education, taking part in 2 major theatrical productions. During the same period he played the lead role in 2 short length movies and began singing in various bands.

In 2008, he returned to Athens where he took part in a long length movie which featured well renowned actors while at the same time he continued playing with well known bands as well, playing in  some of the larger and better known venues in Athens.

He has also been Music Producer of 2 Radio stations. Rigas has also recorded a significant number of discs(CD's) with several bands as well as having recorded solo with his own music and lyrics.

He has successfully made a number of video clips and now plays in his own band known as {Φουλ του Ρήγα} "Rigas full".

Link & Video

Ρήγας Σκεπετάρης - Acting Mix