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Dukakis  Michael  

Greek    mother tongue
English    fluently
Ancient Greek    well

Age Range: 21-31 (film/TV/commercial);     /      Voice:  Tenor 
Singing:  Popular, Classical  /  Additional Skills:  Martial Arts, Modern Dance, Driver's license 

Education & Credentials
2006-2020 a wide range of roles (Film, TV, and Theater in Greece, London and Los Angeles)

2018-2020 UCLA Extension, Los Angeles
         Acting Certificate Program 
  Acting in various short films

2020 Trained in Lessac’s technique, UCLA, Los Angeles 
         By Crystal Robbins (One of the six Lessac master teachers in the world)

2019 Acting classes with Oscar winning actress Olympia Dukakis, Manhattan, New York

2017 Training in Stanislavsky Method, Athens
         Instructor: Andreas Manolikakis

2017 Killian’s Workshop, Los Angeles
         Commercial Acting workshops.

2016 National Youth Theatre of Great Britain, London
 Epic Stages training. 
        Acting for Screen Masterclass.
 One of only several Greek actors accepted in NYTGB history.

2013 B.A. Acting / Greek Art Theater “Karolos Koun” / Drama School 
        2010-2013:  Three-year full-time program, Athens.
        One of the two top drama schools in Greece.

2011 B.A. in Fine Arts / Major: Production Design / University of Ioannina, Greece, 
       Program: 2006-2010 

2010: Organizer of the Seventh Panhellenic Theater Festival in which students from all Greek        universities participated.

2009-2010: President of the Panhellenic Theater Union of all Greek universities.

2008-2010: President: University of Ioannina Theater Company.  Performances at city venues sponsored by the municipality as well as at the university.
Performing Arts Productions (Producer / Director)

2015-2019:  Founder, Director, Acting Teacher. Summer Arts Festivals. A Nest for Artists Theater Company, Open Amphitheater, Lesvos. 

2013-2016:  Founder of the non-profit organization, The Theater of My Life (ÈÝáôñï Ç ÆùÞ Ìïõ / Theatro I Zoi Mou).

2011-2015:  Founder and Producer of the "Islands Festival,” Lesvos. This arts festival brought artists from all over Greece to the Greek islands and gave people from isolated areas the opportunity to attend theater, cinema, concerts, and other fine arts events. 
Funding sponsors included more than 20 large corporations and businesses, including ERT/Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (Greek National TV/Radio), Aeolian Investment Fund S.A., ELPEN, Astra Airlines, Hellenic Seaways, Blue Star Ferries, Collagen, Naturals, etc.

2002-2015:  Volunteer Director and Actor of theater plays in many hospitals, nursing and psychiatric homes, autistic and child cancer clinics all over Greece.  Some of these included Elpida Oncological Hospital for Children; Incurable Diseases Asylum of Ioannina; ELEPAP Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children; Athens General Children’s Hospital “Pan & Aglaia Kyriakou”; Counseling and Support Center of Ioannina; Athens Retirement Home; Unaccompanied Children’s Refugee Camp of Lesvos.

2013-2014:  Producer of Storytelling Festivals on Lesvos (2013) and Ikaria (2014) islands in which community elders were interviewed and shared traditional fairytales. The two-year research project culminated with a week of storytelling workshops and performances by nationally well-known storytellers and the publication of two books of traditional fairy tales (one for each island). 
This project was a collaboration with the Greek Government, Region of the North Aegean. Funding sponsors: Greece and the European Union.  

2009-2010:  Director of theater plays and workshops for the Hellenic Red Cross and Amnesty International. Performances at the Zosimaia Academy of Ioannina and Thespi University Theater. 

2006-2010:  Producer of theater workshops under the auspices of the Greek Government, Region of Epirus (NW Greece).  Selected by E. Davi and E. Sinesiou, Directors of Cultural Affairs Programs for the Greek Government Ministry of Education, Region of Epirus, to organize workshops for children and adults in the Greek public schools. Cooperation with the Panhellenic Association of Cultural Affairs Directors (PEEPOTHE).

Acting Credit Highlights


Gauge  /  Dir. Cesar Cacho  /  UCLA  /  Los Angeles  /  2020

You never know  /  Supporting Actor  /  Dir. Yelena Savranskaya  /  UCLA  /  Los Angeles  /  2019

Luke  /  Lead Actor  /  Dir. Thesar Di Bello  / UCLA  /  Los Angeles  / 2019

Despair  /  Lead  Actor  /  Dir. Cesar Cacho  /  UCLA  /  Los Angeles  /  2019

Manners  /  Lead  Actor  /   Dir.  Yelena Savranskaya  /   UCLA   /  Los Angeles  /  2019

White Russian   / Lead Actor / Dir. Kwon  /  Los Angeles  /  2018

Unstationery  /  Supporting Actor  /  Dir. Dan Bird / Prod. Bad Physics / London  / 2016

Wake Up, Greece  /  Dir. & Writer Michael Dukakis  /  Comedy-Drama  /  A Nest for Artists Theater Company, Open Amphitheater, Lesvos 2018.

The Monogram  /  Love Poem: 20-min. monologue-recitation  /  Odysseas Elytis  /  This poem is considered one of the finest works by Elytis, recipient of the 1979 Nobel Prize in Literature.
Presented at the Theofilos Cultural Association, Petroupolis Municipal Theater, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the poet’s birth.  Also presented at the Island of Love Festival, Lesvos, and in 10 other venues in Greece 2012-2017.

Crabs  /  Tourist  /  Dir. Dan Bird  / Written by Sophie Ellerby  /  National Youth Theatre of Great Britain  /  London  /  2016

The Eulogy  /  The writer  /  Dir. Tatiana Skanatovits   /  Iakovos Kambanellis   /  Monologue  /  Embros Theater, Athens 2016.  (Also performed in seven other venues all over Greece).

The Entertainer  /  Metamorphosis / Three-hour Interactive Monologue /   Eliart Theater, Keramikos, Athens 2015.

Darkland  /  Multiple roles  /  Dir. & Writer Michael Dukakis  /  Musical  /  Fournos Theater, Athens 2015.

Goodnight, Margarita  /  Mayor & Priest  /  Dir. Mania Papadimitriou  /  Dimitris Chatzis  /  Greek Art Theater “Karolos Koun,” Athens, and Municipal Theater of Agrinio 2014.

Love in Moderation  /  Multiple roles  /  Dir. & Writer Michael Dukakis  /  Monologue  /  Lesvos 2013.

Figaro’s Solo  /  Assistant director  /  Dir. Theodore Gogos  /  Yiannis Skaribas  / Politheatro, Ioannina, and Arta 2009.

Fools  /  The teacher  /  Dir. Theodore Gogos  /  Neil Simon  /  Comedy  /  Politheatro, Ioannina 2009 (six-month run and another 20 performances all over Greece).

Billy Liar  /  Billy Fisher  /  Dir. Theodore Gogos  /  Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall  / Politheatro, Ioannina 2008 (five-month run).

2020: "To The Moon” screenplay. / “Punish Me” screenplay.  / “The Eulogy” theatre play translation

2011: Writer of the book and theater play Love in Moderation (Greek title: Íá ó’ áãáðþ ìå ìÝôñï / Na s’agapo me metro).

2010-2013: Poems and lyrics in short films and songs, theatre monologues.  


2015-2019: Two-month summer theater workshops and theater productions for children, 6-15 years old. A Nest for Artists Theater Company, Open Amphitheater, Lesvos.

2016: Director of the student production, Christmas with Papadiamantis, Greek Secondary School of London, 12 Star Gallery, Europe House, Westminster, London.

2014-2015: Fine Arts Teacher, Kythera Junior & Senior High Public Schools. Hired by the Greek Government Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.

References available on request

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