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Amalia  Klimopoulou  

Hair color:brown Height:170 cm
Eyes color: brown Weight:55 kg

English   Certificate of Proficiency in English - Michigan - (English and American Pronunciation) Deree College  fluently
Greek    mother tongue

Graduate of the Higher School of Acting Neo Elliniko Theatro, Giorgos
Armenis, (2010-2013)
Attended acting lessons supervised by N.Orfanou, Ch.Liga, E. Demertzi (2007-2010)

Music Studies
-Soloist Diploma in Classical Piano awarded by The Greek Conservatory, tutored by the opera conductor Mr. Giorgos Aravides (2009)
-Special Degree in Harmony, tutored by Mr Dimitris Kontos (2003)
-Orff System

Acamedic studies
Law School Graduate, (2012)
Arsakeio Psychikou Private School Graduate

Classical Piano Diploma of soloist
Knowledge flutes and percussion instruments
Classic song and modern repertoire

Argentine tango at the Dance Club, Chalandri 2014-2015
Traditional Dance at the P.Zisi Institution, Chalandri, (1996-2003)

2018 19 ''he Poor of the Athenias'' directed by Platakis V. (Titika-maid), theatre Small Broadway

2018 19 ''he Sherill of Shevilli'', directed by Panagopoulos T. (Rozina), tour, 2018-2019
2018 19 ''Fairy tale with no name'', directed by Panagopoulos T. (Palavo-Fronisi), tour, 2018-2019
2018 19 ''The Happy Prince'', directed by Vozikiadou E. , (swallow) Theatre Thymeli, 2018-2019
2018 19 ''Takis Tetartakis and his friends'', directed by Liapopoulou K. , Theatre Cultural Park, 2018-2019
2018. .. "Music train", Joanna Prosmiti, director Joanna Prosmiti, narration-singing-synthesizer, tour
2018. .. "Great Eastern music'', Ebeirikos A., directed by Dritsas G., narration-Sergio, Mask theatre
2015 18 "Helen", directed by Elli Vozikiadou, Chorus, (Thymeli Theatre), Victoria
2015 18"The little girl with the matches", directed by Elli Vozikiadou, Gkreta, (Thymeli Theatre), Victoria
2017 . ..''Ekklisiazouses(Ecclesiastical)'', Aristophanes, directed by Papatheodorou G., Chorus, summer tour
2017 . ..''Persephone'' Ritsos G. , directed by Pousinis C., Paramithias theatre
2017 . ..''Red thread tied'', directed by Konstantinou D., flute
2016 . .."Prometheus Bound", directed by Giannis Falkonis, Chorus
2015 16 "The dream of a ridiculous man", directed by Takis Xrisikakos, Vocals (soprano)-flute, (Bafeio Theatre), Keramikos
2013 14 "Daedalus and Icarus", directed by Prekas K., riadne, Goddess Athena,Perdika, Children Stage, Skala Theatre
2013 . .."Female Characters in Ancient Greek Tragedy", directed by Elli Vozikiadou, figenia en vlidi (Thymeli Theatre), Victoria

2018. .."Figaro", Dimitris Andjus, Xrysa, short movie film
2016 . ..Weekend, directed by G. Tsononas, Amalia, short film

2017. ..''Qualification'' directed by Makridis Sefastianos C., Mirsini, web series
2016. ..''Scent of a woman''(pilot) directed by Siougas G. Emily

Also participated
As a musician
-Childrens Musical Beauty and the beast, Conservatory-Drama School Thalassa Politismou (Argyroupolis)
-usic Events at the Great Britain Hotel, Kato apo ti Gefyra Theatre, as well as the National Conservatory Choir.

Music Teaching
-Assistant vocal teacher at the Conservatory Thalassa Politismou, Argyroupolis (2013-2015)
-Kinaestetic Music-Orff System, Theatrical Play at private schools 2011-
-Piano lessons and Harmony at Conservatories and private lessons 2011-