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Amalia  Klimopoulou  

Hair color:brown Height:170 cm
Eyes color: brown Weight:55 kg

English   Certificate of Proficiency in English - Michigan - (English and American Pronunciation) Deree College  fluently
Greek    mother tongue

Graduate of the Higher School of Acting ‘Neo Elliniko Theatro’, Giorgos
Armenis, (2010-2013)
Attended acting lessons supervised by N.Orfanou, Ch.Liga, E. Demertzi (2007-2010)

Music Studies
-Soloist Diploma in Classical Piano awarded by ‘The Greek Conservatory’, tutored by the opera conductor Mr. Giorgos Aravides (2009)
-Special Degree in Harmony, tutored by Mr Dimitris Kontos (2003)
-Orff System

Acamedic studies
Law School Graduate, (2012)
Arsakeio Psychikou Private School Graduate

Proficient in English (Level C2-Michigan University), (2008)
Greek mother tongue

Classical Piano Diploma of soloist
Knowledge flutes and percussion instruments
Classic song and modern repertoire

Argentine tango at the Dance Club, Chalandri 2014-2015
Traditional Dance at the P.Zisi Institution, Chalandri, (1996-2003)

‘Prometheus Bound’, directed by Giannis Falkonis, Chorus (2016)
‘The dream of a ridiculous man’, directed by Takis Xrisikakos, Vocals (soprano)-flute, (‘Bafeio Theatre), Keramikos, (2015-2016)
‘Helen’, directed by Elli Vozikiadou, Chorus, (Thymeli Theatre), Victoria, (2015-2016)
‘The little girl with the matches’, directed by Elli Vozikiadou, Gkreta, (Thymeli Theatre), Victoria, (2015-2016)
‘Daedalus and Icarus’, directed by Prekas K., Áriadne, Goddess Athena,Perdika, Children Stage, Skala Theatre (2013-2014)
‘Female Characters in Ancient Greek Tragedy’, directed by Elli Vozikiadou, Éfigenia en Ávlidi (‘Thymeli’ Theatre), Victoria, (2013)

2016…‘Weekend’, directed by G. Tsononas, Amalia, short film

Also participated
As a musician
-Children’s Musical ‘Beauty and the beast’, Conservatory-Drama School Thalassa Politismou (Argyroupolis)
-Ìusic Events at the ‘Great Britain’ Hotel, ‘Kato apo ti Gefyra’ Theatre, as well as the National Conservatory Choir.

Music Teaching
-Assistant vocal teacher at the Conservatory ‘Thalassa Politismou’, Argyroupolis (2013-2015)
-Kinaestetic Music-Orff System, Theatrical Play at private schools 2011-
-Piano lessons and Harmony at Conservatories and private lessons 2011-