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Cleopatra  Svana  
Assistant Director Theatre
1st Assistant Director

Greek    mother tongue

Date of Birth: 1976
Place of Birth: Athens

K.E.A. Academy - film, play and TV direction

Graduating date: 1997, presenting the short film The Last Trip wich was shown at the International Short Film Festival in Drama 1997

Professional work

1998-99 collaboration with Christos Valavanidis and Aspasia Kralli at the "Apo Mihanis Theatre" - assistant director in two pantomime
plays: Pentheas Paschon and Atakti Taxi
1999-01 collaboration with Manousos Manousakis (producer and director) in three TV serials: Love Bounds, Guilty or Innocent,
Love Robber
2001 second director assistant at the TV serial You Are my Match - for a short period
2003 direction of a school play

1998 Third Prize at the New Authors Competition - Municipal Regional Theatre of Ioannina