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Katerina  Haska  

Hair color: chestnut-red Height: 158 cm
Eye color: brown Weight: 49 kg

Albanian    native speaker
Greek    native speaker
Spanish   Superior  fluent
English   Lower  very well

Katerina Haska was born in Albania in 1988 and raised in Athens, Greece. She graduated from the Theatre Studies Department of the Peloponnese University of Greece with a BA degree in Directing and Acting. She speaks and writes Greek , English, Spanish and Albanian.
She continued her studies at the higher educational drama school in Malaga (Spain), after obtaining a one-year scholarship. She attended a part of the MFA program at Columbia University in New York under Director Anne Bogart. She  graduated from the Art School, Theatre Studies Department of the Peloponnese University, with an MA in Drama and Performing Arts in Education and Lifelong Learning.
She has directed, written and produced various plays at the  Greek and Spanish theater. She founded the theatrical group ART LINE which organizes its own productions, and is a co-founder of a non-profit organization called Creatists Bridging Creative Industry Professionals which organises Events, musical and theatrical productions, festivals and seminars.
She has attended seminars on theater, Drama Therapy and Psychology in Greece and abroad . She has participated in several festivals and conferences dealing with theatrical performances. Additionally, she teaches Acting and Drama Therapy. Through Drama in Education Techniques she animates groups of children, adults, immigrants, refugees and other groups which are considered disadvantaged. In 2015-2016 she participated in two European programs as a creator and animator.
One was managed by the Bodossaki Foundation and was implemented by the NGO ‘’ANASA’’, relating to human rights and refugee issues and  covering theatrical activities in schools of Attica and the islands. For the same programme, she completed a handbook of theatre material for teachers, which she wrote and edited herself. The other programme, called ‘’The Music Boat’’, is operated by the Onassis Cultural Centre and refers to how bullying in schools can be eliminated through musical and theatrical visual action.
Very dedicated to acting and theatrical productions / Excellent memory and retention skills / Maintains a very good health and physical condition conducive  roles that involve dancing & singing / A good listener who is able to quickly execute directions /  Cooperative and works well as part of a group / Critical thinker able to contribute ideas when called upon /  Driving license.


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