Ioannis  Kostaras  

Hair color: dark brown Height: 190 cm
Eye color: brown Weight: 83 kg

English    fluent
German    very well
Greek    native speaker

He was born in Athens in 1984. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in History from the University of Athens, Department of History and Archaeology. While still in college, he began his studies at the "Theater of Changes" Drama and Acting School, under some of the best Greek teachers of acting and singing such as K.Konstantopoulos, A.Armani, M.Skiadaresi, K.Karamihos, M.Adamaki, F.Komninou, T.Atherides, S.Zalmas and others. After graduating from drama school, (2011) he acted in a children's play about the Olympic Games written and directed by Foteini Vamvouki, holding four roles (Seilinos, doctor, seer and Pindaros). A few months later, he acted in "Pizza Mercedes" -a comedy performance written by Katerina Klimi and directed by Giorgos Livanos- holding three roles (pizza boy, gay, fashion designer). Next came his collaboration with Thomas Kindynes in Sophocles' "Electra", where he held the role of Orestes, a performance Giannis Kostaras considers the most important moment in his career so far. He has also played parts in TV series and films: a postman in Olga Maleas' TV series "The Dream Catcher", a policeman in "The Ship" -Nikos Koundouros' latest film, a policeman again in Thanos Tsavlis' film "The golden fish", a German soldier in Antonis Sotiropoulos' short film "NO".

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