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Loudovikos  Hertz  

Hair color: white Height: 168 cm
Eye color: brown Weight: 70 kg

Greek    native speaker
English    native speaker
German    well

''The only thing actor owe the public is a good performance.''
Loudovikos, Ludwig Hertz was born in Athens, from an Austrian father and a Greek mother. While he was still a child, his parents migrated to New York,USA.
Age of 15, Introducing in Greek TV sci-fi episodic ''Invasion From Another Planet''the first on Greek TV to be shot on film by Nico Mastorakis
The same year, Introducing on Stage in ''Streaking at Mad's Boat'' by Nico Mastorakis
Follow: Georges Courteline ''Le commissaire est bon enfant'' theatre in one act.
Directed by Andreas Aggelakis
''Boy Wanted'' by Stefanos Stratigos - censored movie distributed by Finos Film ''His Hottest Than The Sun''
Introducing in Orchestra of Colours by Manos Hatzidakis, recited Andreas Aggelakis ''The Room''
And received excellent reviews.
He studied at the Royal College of Art in London, scholarship offered by Melina Merkouri.
He was photographed for the cover of Photoplay by the elderly Cecil Beaton.
He takes a small role in the famous movie Star Wars.
Follow: Tennessee Williams ''Travel Companion'' with Sir Alan Bates
''The Dragon of Eden'' Episodic.Written and Directed by G.Goudie
''Forty Carats'' by Jay Allen, Pier Theatre, Bournemouth, Dorset Stage Co.
He is awarded with the first prize for the prototype costumes in the stage play Alices
Adventures in Wonderland, and that falls under the celebration of the 150 years from the birth of Lewis Carol.
His first returned to Greece,work in costume designer for stage productions and Cover Model for variety of media.
He enters in the U.S.A.s top 10 face of the year and he is included in its 100 unexplored talents. He received excellent reviews by press for a Stand-up Comedy Show at COMIX Theater of New York.
His cover in People magazine and his participation in the short film Give me your cell phone makes him famous in various U.S.A. festivals. Hes working in Hollywood as a stage actor:
As Wally Cox in ''''Last Tango with Marlon'' - ''Trap for a Single Man''by RobertThomas ''Get it again, W. C. Fields'' - ''You Give Me Fever''
At the same time he enters in eu.Top 10 Music of 2009 ''Patty Pravo - E dimmi che non vuoi morire'' and ''Grace Jones - Anema e core''
''The Man of the Crowd'' by Edgar Allan Poe a Bohemia Men of Prague
Flew back to America he is deified in a Hollywood Stand up Comedy at UCB Theater,
where he collects money for the earthquake victims of Chile and in a Broadway comedy with Meg Ryan and Dustin Hoffman, he replaces the second.
''TACO BELL'' Radio advertisement, B.I.H Studios Directed by M.Keller - NYC
He is the unique Greek, who gains the TONY prize for the costumes of Anthony and Cleopatra of Shakespeare in London, and also the Film Academy prize for the role of Wally Cox in the Last Tango with Marlon. Its the first time that the Film Academy rewards a theater actor.
Interviewed by Manos Hatzidakis in his first issue magazine '' ''
His mother's illness brings him back to Greece.
He returned to Greece with the plays ''Sweet Marlon'',''Goodbye Tennessee'',''Broken Blossom'' which became the most discussed , successful , prototype plays for the years 2013,2014 and 2015,written by himself and Directed by Giannis Romanos
In 2015 participated in London's ''Edward II'' Monologue, Directed by F.Dexter and Edward's Albee 'The Zoo Story'' Directed by Manolis Poulis of Crete Stage Festival.
He is preparing in Athens,Greece a Research of Years ''Faith Honors Us'',written by himself,too! and he participates in Dinos Stamatiou Feature Film ''Fosforize''.

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