Andria  Rapti  

Hair color: chestnut-red Height: 160 cm
Eye color: brown Weight: 50 kg

English   Proficiency  very well
French    well
Greek    native speaker


Graduation from the National Theatre of Greece Drama School as a second finalist (1991)

Solfege and Modern singing

Classic Ballet (Basic studies) Modern Dance and Modern Jazz (up to now)
Flamenco dance for the last two years at the Professional School of Dancing of M. Gerosideri

English (fluent)
French (few)
Greek (mother tongue)

She joined the Open Theatre Group of the director and theatre owner G. Mihailidis and she performed in classical plays
· Midnight Summer Dream by W. Shakespeare Puck
· Orestia by Aeschyllus Chorus
· Cycle with a Piece of Chalk by B. Brecht Singer
· The Birth of Youth by F. Vendekint Martha

She has been in several other productions in X. Kaloyeropoulou's Theatre, N. Mastorakis' Group, etc
As a dancer she has been in productions in the Music Palace in Athens in the Opera Cosi Fan Tutte by W. A. Mozart

· The Straw Hats based on the best seller of M. Lymberaki leading role
· Lost Letter based on the original book leading role
She also made apperances in several others as guest

· Once is Nothing by the awarded director G. Zervas
· The Dress by the awarded director Monica Vaxevani

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