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Haris  Symeonidou  

Hair color: black Height: 172 cm
Eye color: brown and green Weight: 68 kg

English    very well
French    very well
Greek    native speaker

Theatrical Training
B.A. in Performing Arts, Queen Margaret University.
Participation in the 3rd and 4th International Theatre Festival “In.F.o.Ma.T.” hosted by the Theatre of Change: Workshops on acting, movement and voice.
Main teachers: D. Barker , F. Walot, M. Porter, I. Peranic , L. Wilson Smiley,  G. Foreman,
M. Malka , ôïõ , M.  P. Mackenzie ,  L. Gordon .
Film and theatre seminars, hosted “Mikro Polytexneio” at Amorgos..
Musical-theatrical-educational seminar, at the Cultural Foundation G. Aggelini – P.Chatzinikou, Horto Pelion.
Voice Acting lessons, with Mirka Yementzaki
“Master Class: “Text analysis and its application in theatrical training and practice”, with Andreas Manolikakis (Actor Studio Drama School)
Acting Seminar: “The warm and cool in the art of theatre”, with Dimitris Katalifos, Spetses.
Seminar: “Ancient Greek Drama:Influences and Contemporary Approaches”,directed byG.Rodostenous,University of Leeds,hosted in Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation.

Academic Studies
BSc. in Economics (Athens University of Economics and Business)
MSc, PhD in Demography (London School of Economics)                                                                                                  


2018: "Till one Day Before " ,by Christos Thessalonikeas .Directed by Yannis Stamatiou, , Ekstan (Monologue)
2017: "Report  to Greko ",by Nikos Kazatzakis .Directed by Sissy Papathanassiou .The Milena Project and Analogio Festival, Karolos Koun  Theatre.
2017:  " Antigone ", by Sofokles, Directed by Yannis Stamatiou ( in Ancient Greek ),            Tour arround Greece(Eyridiki).
2017:  "Francis ", by Alberta Tsompanaki. Directed by M. Thomadaki , Paramythias Theater(Mother).
2017 :   " Philoctetes ",by Yiannis Ritsos. Directed by Sissy Papathanassiou ,             International Festival of Seragevo(Myhtic Mother).
2016:  " Moonlight Sonata " , by Yannis Ritsos.Adapted and directed by Nikolas Mihas,            Bar of Didotou(Woman in Black).
2016:  " The Eyes of Elsa ". Edited and directed by Athina Kefala,Bar of Didotou (Compere)           
2016:  " Theatre and Power " , Nikos Koundouros adaptation of Mihail. Bulgakov's " Master and Margaret ". Directed by Nikos Koundouros,Giota Koundouraki, Vafeion and Paramythias Theatre(Mathaios Apostole,Nurse,Show Hostess).
2016 :  " Blind Walk White Walk  ". Directed by Sissy Papathanassiou ,Karolos Koun Theatre(Teiresias).
2015-2016: " Trompets of Death or the Mushrooms " ,byTilly. Directed by Jean –Paul Denison,Ekstan(Erieta)
2015:  " The Four Twins ",by Copi .Directed by Ioulia Siamou – Georgina Tzoumaka, Karolos Koun Theatre.
2015:    "Fedros" of Platon. Directed by Sissy Papathanassiou,,Eleonas Festival.       
2014 :  “Actions”, by Eythimios Filippou. Directed by Manos Lambrakis, Karolos, Koun Theatre.
2014:  “Sex Trafficking”.Directed by Allesandra Maioletti.Play processing by Maria Karamitsopoulou, Michael Cacoyiannis  Foundation (Journalist, Narrator, Victim).
2013-2014: “IRAK-Nine Parts of Desire”by Heather Ruffo. Directed by Maria Tsaroucha, Vault Theatre.(Mulaia).
2013-2014: “The Cherry Orchard”, by Anton Chekhov. Directed by Kostis Kapelonis, Mavromichali Studio Theatre(Charlotte).
2013: Moonlight Sonata”, by Yiannis Ritsos. Directed by Nicholas Mihas,  Dia Dio Theatre, Art in Art ÉÉ Festival (Monologue) 
2012: “La Commune Grecque”. Directed by Sakis Papakonstantinou. Play processing: Louisa Arkoumenea. Athens and Epidaurus Festival 2012, Peiraios 260 (Kind Lady).
2012: “Antigone”, by Bertolt Brecht. Translated and directed by Nicholas Mihas, Onassis Cultural Center, Main Stage (Teiresias, Chorus) .
2011: “The Alchemist”, by Ben Jonson. Translated and directed by Nicholas Mihas, Alekton Theatre, B&M Theocharakis Foundation For The Fine Arts and Music (Pastor Tribulation Wholesome, Neighbour). 
2011:  “L'intervation”, by Victor Hugo. Translated and directed by Athena Kefala, Vasilis’ Bar-Theatre (Narrator).
2010:  “Ghosts”, by Henrik Ibsen. Directed by Valentini Lourba, Ekati Theatre (Mrs Alving).
2010:  “Medea”, by Euripides. Directed by Éoanna Gavakou, Michael Cacoyannis Foundation (Nurse).
2010:  “White Nights”, by Fyodor Dostoevsky. Directed by Nicholas Mihas, Alkis Davis Theatre (Grandmother, Matryona, Cashier).
2010:   “Same Time, Next Year”, by Bernard Slade. Directed by Êostas Vantzos, Elize Theatre (Doris).
2010:     “Human Voices”. Directed by Thodoris Vournas. An adaptation of Jean Cocteau’s one-act plays  by M.Logotheti, Epi Kolono Theatre (Human Voice).
2009:  “The Love of Don Perlimplin”, by Federico García Lorca. Directed by Nicholas Mihas, Fournos Theatre (Belisa’s Mother).
2009: “Talk to Me Like the Rain and Let Me Listen, by Tennessee Williams. Directed by Kostas Vantzos, Karolos Koun Theatre-Alimos (Woman).
2009:  “Chicago” choreography by Sia Koskina, Karolos Koun Theatre-Alimos , (Dancer, Miss Sunshine).
2009:  “Atreides”, based on Christine Brückner’s “Crime and Clytemnestra”(adapted by Razelou). Directed by Spyros Tremenos, Athens University of Economics and Business Drama Group (Cassandra).
2008: “Blood Wedding”, by Federico García Lorca. Directed by Kostas Vantzos, Pani Theatre, Alimou Festival (Beggar).
2008:  “The Birds”, by Aristophanes. Directed by Giorgos Biniaris. Choreography: Ì. Mandaka. Music Supervisor: S. Grigoriadi, Horto Pelion Theatre (Bird Chorus).
2008:  “Steel Magnolias”, by Robert Harling. Directed by Êostas Vantzos. Karolos Koun Theatre-Alimos (Clairee).
2008:  “Athena” .Written and Directed by Louis Godron, Theatre of Change (Angel).
2008:  “Piktor’s Metamorphosis”, by Herman Hesse. Adaptation, choreography by Elena Michailou-Vassilaki. Municipality of Markopoulo, Sarah Theatre (Narrator-Dancer).
2007:  “The Travelling Drop”, choreography by Elena Michailou-Vassilaki Periakti Theatre (Dancer).

2017: “A Spartan Woman”, short film. Written and directed by Dora Theofilopoulou (Haris friend of Dora).
2014:  ´´Ôhe Penal Colony´´, short film. Written and directed by Manos Cizek and Lidnsey Aliksanyan( Prisoner) Short Film Corner , Festival of Cannes  2017 and Sydney Independent Film Ferstival ,direction award 2017.
2014:  “The Lion of Penteli´,´feature film.Written and directed by T.Voyiopoulos(Witch).
2014: “Purification´´,short film.Written and directed by Ifigenia Demetriou(Director) “Íights Premiere” Cinema Danaos.
2014:  ´´A Bit of Sky´´,short film.Written and directed by Nikolas Makris(Owner) ´´Íights Premiere” Cinema Ideal.
2013:  “Breakfast”, short film. Written and directed by Spiros Tagas. (Mother).
2011:  “The Murderess”, by Alexandros Papadiamantis, feature film. Directed by Stella Arkendi (Murderess’s Mother).
2011:  “Crossing Over”, short film. Directed by Thodoris Vournas and written by Katerina Vaimaki. Proto Vima Award (Greek Film Center 2009). Audience Award, Screenplay Award, Honorary Distinction Acting (Fantastic Cinema Festival 2012) (Mary).
2011:  “Unexpected Passion”, feature film,.Written and directed by Makis Pithis. (Ninette, President of the Aeronautical Company).
2008:  “Drive-in Alone”, feature film. Written and directed by Dimitris Delinikolas. (Lead role) It  participated in the 48 Hour Film Project and was featured on the homepage of the Dailymotion site as the number one suggested film in the category “Film and TV”  in the following countries: Korea, Japan, China, Turkey, Romania and Denmark. It was also elected ‘best film’ by UNESCO (Dec.2008). The film also participated in the Digital Drama Festival (2009).


2008: Participation in the documentaire”Honour ,Morality and Marriage” for the Greek Television ERT1 Directed by Dimitris Koustiabasakos (Narrator,Interview).
2010:   Supporting role in the television series “Allou Ximeromenoi”. Written and produced by Andreas Georgiou. Directed by Andreas Georgiou and Dimitris Demirakou, SIGMA channel, Cyprus (Soula).
Since1989: Guest on various television talk shows and news panel discussion concerning social issues.

Special Skills

Dancing, bike riding, year-round swimming, tennis, skiing, full driver’s license.

Additional information

Visiting Professor at the Sorbonne University of Paris(2001,2003)
Former Research Director at the National Center for Social Research (EKKE)
Honnorary Member of the French Cultural Club “Polytropo

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