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Chrysoula  Papadopoulou  
Theater Researcher

Hair color: red Height: 162 cm
Eye color: brown Weight: 50 kg

English   First Certificate  well
Greek    native speaker

Sex: Female                                                                 

D.o.B. : 10. 08. 1971

Place of Birth: Athens, Greece.                                                         
Member of Greek Actors Association 

Studies – Seminars - Workshops
Higher School of Drama M Vogiatzis Tragas - Graduate 
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Faculty of Arts, School of Drama - Graduate  

Seminars - Workshops  
Drama Seminar, about "Body & Speech on theatre" by Thomas Moschopoulos 
Physical Theatre Seminar, on principles of Theatre de Complicite by Kostas Filippoglou 
Drama workshop, by Niki Triandafilides   
Drama & Stage Direction Seminar, by Dimitris Mavrikios 
Drama workshop by Maya Limberopoulou 

English -  First Certificate  Good
Greek - Native

Music Studies
Singing, by Nikos Pagounis
Phonetics seminar, by Spiros Sakas
Singing, by Nansyi Papakostantinou & Sakis Tsilikis

Classic & Modern at Dance shool of Maria de Petrilo – Takis Varlamos (10 years)

2011 12 La Lupa   J. Verga Directed by A. Tsogas  as Mara Prova Theatre.
2010 11 Choris titlo logo amnisias, (No title due to Amnesia) M Antoniou – M. Panailidou directed by G Stefopoulos  as Eleftheria –Agelon Vima Theatre.
2009 10 Choris titlo logo amnisias, (No title due to Amnesia) M Antoniou – M. Panailidou directed by G Stefopoulos as Eleftheria – Theatriki Skini Theatre.   
2008 09 Equus   P. Saffer Directed by I. Vardakis, as Jill Proskinio Theatre.
2005 06 Mrs Warren’s Profession, George Bernard Shaw. Directed by A. Tsogas  as Vivi,   Prova Theatre.
2003 04 The last of the red hot lovers, Neil Simon Directed by A. Tsonos . Volos Municipal Theatre [assistant director]
2002 03 Harvey, M. Chase Directed by F. Makris.      
2001 . .. To Koritsi apo tin Andro, (Girl from Andros Island) Terentios. Directed by G. Kalatzopoulos as Misida, on tour.
2000 01 Spermatogonia D. Lewis. Directed by D. Potamitis, As Zoe, Erevna Theatre. 
1999 00 Don Quixote M. De Chervantes  óêçí. Directed by G. Kalatzopoulos as Dulcinea,   Aliki Theatre on tour, [& assistant Director]
1997 . .. Play on, Rick Abbot, Directed by g. Gikas as Smitty, Skini theatre.
1995 . .. Bus stop W. Inge. Directed by G Iordanides as Elma, Athineon Theate, Piraeus Municipal Theatre, on tour.
1995 . .. The fire Raisers, (Biedermann und die Brandstifter) M. Frisch, Directed by G. Kalatzopoulos  as Anna, on tour.
1994 . .. My Friend Jo M. Zarokosta, Directed by m. Zarokosta,  as Jo  Diana Theatre. 
1994 . .. The balcony (Le Balcon), Jean Genet, Directed by D. Kostis. As The Thief, Alabra Theatre. 
1993 . .. Faust, Goethe. Directed by G. Kalatzopoulos Old University. 
1993 . .. The prince and the showgirl,   T. Rattigan Directed by G. Remoundos, Tour.
1992 . .. Ornithes (The Birds), Aristophanes Directed by G. Kalatzopoulos   As Aidona – Iris,   Jenny Karezi Theatre.
1991 . .. Peer Gynt  H. Ibsen Directed by G. Kalatzopoulos as Solbeig Diana Theatre. 
1990 . .. The cake in the sky, G Rodari Directed by G. Remoundos as Rita, Licabetus Theatre.

Television – series
1999 01 Mikres Amarties, (Minor sins)   Directed by G Dalanides   STAR TV 
1998 99 Trikimia, (Storm)  Directed by S. Makrides.     ÁÍÔ1 TV
1997 00 Ke I pantreneni ehoon psichi (Even the married have soul)   Directed by a. Tenbos.   ÁÍÔ1  TV
1994 . .. I Agnoimeni, (Neglected) Directed, by G. Michailides. ÁÍÔ1 TV
1994 . .. Peso apo tis maskes (Behind the masks)   Directed by Th. Sarantopoulos ÅÔ1 
1993 . .. Esi Apofasizis, (Your desission) Directed by Demetrakopoulou.  MEGA TV
1993 . .. Esi Apofasizis, (Your desission) Directed by B. Thomaides.     MEGA TV 
1993 . .. I kali pethera, (The good mother in law) Directed by T Vougiouklakis ÁÍÔ1  TV
1993 . .. Sigatiki stin trela( Roommates in madness)   Directed by T Vougiouklakis  ANT1  TV
1992 . .. Lampsi (Shine)  Directed by G. Vasiliades ANT1  TV
1993 . .. Kostis Palamas   Directed by K. Tsonos  ÅÔ1 TV
1991 . .. I Dikastina, (The Judge)    Directed by O. Kosteletos  ANT1 TV

Further Works
Radio show and television voice over        
Dubbing for animations and films

Teaching Drama activities to adults and kids.

Stage Direction        
Directed the Aegion Theatrical team (THEA) in the plays:

The diary of Anna Frank, A. Hackett, F. Goodrich, (2014)
Between Worlds, E.E. Schmitt (2013)
The trap R. Toma (2012)
The story of a seagull and the cat who taught her to fly, L. Sepulveda, Kids play (2011-12) The man, the beast and the Virtue,  L. Pirandello (2011)

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